Challenges and Opportunities in Aviation Career
The Aeronautical Department of ILM College of Engineering and Technology, Methala, Perumbavoor conducted a webinar session on August 23 rd 2020 from 10am to 4pm. The webinar was conducted in three sessions.
The Welcome Address of the session was done by Mr.Arun S. Pillai, Head of the Aeronautical Department. The Respected Principal, Dr.Sreejesh S.R. Chandran provided the Presidential Address of the webinar session. The Vote of Thanks was handled by Ms.Arshi S. Babu, Asst. Professor of the Aeronautical department.
The first session was on the topic of “Challenges and Opportunities in Aviation Career” by Mr.Yogesh,Delivery Head- Automotive and Aerospace DQMS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. It was brain warming session and all the participants were so enthusiastic. The session was very informative as it cleared the student’s doubts regarding their future and career and need of the industry.
           The second session was on the topic of “Flight Dynamics” handled by Mr.Vineeth Tom, Control System Engineer, Tata Advanced System Ltd, Bangalore. This session handled the most important subject of Aeronautical Engineering. The session was very beneficial l to the participates as it explained the important concept in understandable manner.
            The third session was on “Aircraft Design” handled by Mr.Vishnu Raj, Engineer, Air Vistara, Mumbai.
        The participates were interested in this topic as it explained the current scenario in an industry and the importance of the knowledge of aircraft design in the aviation industry.A total number of 178 participated registered the webinar session which was conducted on Google Meet. The students and faculties of other colleges also participated in this informative webinar session. The e-certificates were provided to all participates.
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